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Arancini al Ragu

Rice balls filled with Italian Sausage, Feta Cheese and Lots'a Awesome.

My amiga, @mrsbatsycooks, over on Instagram requested this bad boy. This is one of those dishes that I'd always seen on menus at Italian restaurants, but never wanted to order, because tons of rice equals tons of points. A famous food blogger and chef has a low point "healthy" version, that uses Cauliflower rice rather than real rice. I'm a big advocate for the age old saying, made popular in the 30's.... "Cauliflower Rice is sadness on a plate". Pretty sure that saying came around during the great depression, if not, it's a fitting era for that abomination.

In order to use REAL rice, while cutting the points and calories... we're upping the servings. That's fine by me, because ALL of my appetizer recipes are created with the idea of being used for entertaining at a dinner party, where you are cooking for more than 2 people. By using 1 pound of my 0 point Italian Sausage, swapping mozzerella out for fat free Feta cheese, and using my low point and calorie onion ring breaking, we're able to use real rice for low points.

I was extremely happy with how these Arancini balls turned out. This is a recipe that would be easy to half, in case you aren't cooking for a horde of Sicilians. These are also extremely freakin delicious. It makes a large batch, and they keep well in the fridge. They are great for meal prepping. You can make them and keep them in the fridge to bake a couple per day, or even freeze them, thaw, then bake.

This is appetizer #14 of 20, from my upcoming second cookbook and free download

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