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Cookbooks 1, 2 & 3


As of 08/06/2020, All 3 of my cookbooks are available once again, in the Amazon marketplace.

Though all 3 of my cookbooks are 100% FREE to view and download, here on my webiste, you can also get a printed copy as well if you'd like. You're free to download the files and take them to be printed at Kinkos & Staples,.. on the 2nd page of the books I give permission. However when I took my first Cookbook there to be printed, it cost nearly $60 after tax. My 2nd cookbook costs even more at the big box stores (50 cents per color page). Printing it at home killed 2 of my ink cartridges, because there are between 300-550 pictures in each book. Be that as it may, you are more than welcome to print your own copies. If however, you would like to order a copy, they are only $25 on Amazon.

Cookbook Volume 1: is the culmination of everything that I have learned in regards to healthier cooking, in my journey. Included in the guide is everything that you could ever need to start experimenting with your food, in order to reduce the overall value of its calories, fats, carbs and sugars. This was a 5 month labor of love, to try and gather everything that I'd gleaned from my own research, as well as my countless friends in Connect® to try to make my meals as delicious as humanly possible while still keeping the same portion sizes.

Cookbook Volume 2: is a full fledged recipe book, no tutorials. It takes the principles that were taught in my cooking guide and uses them to make insanely delicious and gourmet appetizers. There are also 31 recipes for low calorie, low fat, low point salad dressings and dips. 20 appetizers, tutorials..... and then.... over 50 pages of low point and calorie CUPCAKE AND CAKE RECIPES. Yes, it's a Vatican worthy miracle. I'm expecting the Pope to call and inform me of my sainthood, any day now.

Cookbook Volume 3: takes what we've learned from the first 2 books, and gone even more overboard. In this book, I've crammed pretty much everything that you'd think you CAN'T eat, while losing weight. Huge, delicious, restaurant quality burgers & sandwiches, nearly 30 salad dressings and spreads, LEGIT potato salad, pasta salad, onion rings, crispy potato wedges, desserts, and much more.

  • Printed Formate: Softcover Book
  • Pages:
    Cooking Guide = 81
    Cookbook = 155
    Cookbook = 127
  • Recipes Included: 300
  • Color Photos: 1400+ combined
  • Awesomeness Level: 131 out of 10