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Pineapple Jerk Skewers

Pop on some Bob Marley, grab a skewer and..."Don'worry, about'a thing."

I built this entire appetizer out of wanting to use these crispy, baked banana croquettes on a dish. I figured that I'd pretend that they're fried plantains, then use them accordingly. So... I thought "let's go to Jaimaica'man". Yes, I thought it in that voice. So this appetizer has a base of breaded and baked banana, topped with a spicy Jerk ground turkey meatball, with a charred chunk of pineapple on top. The pineapple and meatball are glazed in a crazy sauce of sugar free maple syrup, lime juice, cayenne pepper and rum extract. I'd need Captain Jack Sparrow to wander into my living room, if I wanted to get any more Caribbean than that.

These delicious, healthy and flavorful skewers are sure to please your guests. They look pretty, taste good, and are definitely not something you'd expect to EVER have on your table, as a WW friendly appetizer. I try to set the bar a little higher than cold cut pinwheels, 1... because everyone else does it, and 2... because I really, really, really am passionate about trying to show that you can have crazy gourmet food, like you'd see on a restaraunt menu, without the fat, calories and points.

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