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Lebanese Kafta Kababs

Delicously Seasoned Middle Eastern Skewers

If you only ever make one single ground turkey recipe of mine... ever... it's this one (Unless you hate Kababs) lol. I'm half Arabic. I grew up eating REAL Lebanese food, because of my Dad. Everything from grape leaves to Lamb, fresh Baklava to homemade pita bread, so when I say that this is flippin good.... it's good. This meat mixture is my WW-ified rendition of my father's ground beef & lamb Kafta Kababs that he has made for decades. I used my own food hacking zaniness, to season ground turkey into a legitimate, no holds barred... substitution for ground beef and lamb with this recipe. The best part? 0 points for the entire batch. NOT 0 CALORIES.... but 0 points.

Enjoy these Appetizer sized Kafta Kababs with a batch of my low point hummus and some roasted tomatoes, along with some rice, and you have one heck of a delicious and low point & calorie middle eastern feast. Each one of these skewers is just shy of 1/4 cup of ground meat. You can definitely eat them as an appetizer, but if you'd like to have them as a main course, for entertaining... simple use more meat per skewer. You won't regret it.

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