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Fresh Salmon Cakes

Chopped Fresh Salmon, Sauteed Vegetables, Old Bay, Dijon... yes please.

And the Low Point train keeps on'a rolling down the tracks. Choo Chooooo. This recipe was originally intended to be some crazy gourmet crab cakes. I decided that I was going to modify the recipe of Ina Garten, because, well... she's awesome. I painstakingly spent a good hour in the recipe builder, modifying her recipe and making substitutions to get it juuuuuust right. I promptely ran to the store, bought all of the ingredients... then nearly had a stroke when I noticed that here in Los Angeles, the Lump Crab Meat, even the stuff in the plastic container in the refrigerator aisle, would have cost $50. There is noooooo way in heck that I'm making an appetizer with a price tag like that. So, I promptly decided to swap the Crab out for Salmon... and here we are.

These delicious and filling appetizer sized salmon cakes are still a pretty danged good size if I must say so myself. They are filling yet light, flavorful but still tasting of salmon, loaded with sauteed veggies but STILL don't taste like they are loaded with filler... they're great.

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