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Cookbook: Volume 1 - 4th Edition

REVISED For the new 2023 Plan

This Cookbook / Cooking Guide, has everything that you need to learn how to make your meals and desserts leaner and healthier. By giving you a basic Low Point cooking foundation of recipes and ingredient swap strategies, I hope to give you the tools to both thrive and find joy in this journey. This cookbook has been updated repeatedly, since I first released it in 2018. Every time the system changes, I go back, check the points, tweak the recipes to be compliant with the new system, then republish it. To address the newest WW program, all of my recipes now contain the points for the "regular" plan, as the points for people with the diabetic settings active. I also include a QR Code which can be used to link you back to my website's nutritional info page... where you can find the actual points in the WW Database, for every recipe, see the ingredients and points per serving for yourself, and track the recipe directly into your app.

Once again, I want to reiterate that the cooking guide is a FREE digital resource that is intended for anyone in system to be able to download and use for free through my site, at absolutely no charge. Purchasing a copy on Amazon (not available yet), is not a requirement. You are more than welcome to return and download any current or upcoming files in the future, for your own personal use in your journey.

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This download is the culmination of everything that I have learned in regards to healthier cooking in my journey. Included in this guide is everything that you could ever need to start experimenting with your food in order to reduce the overall value of its Points, calories, fats, carbs and sugars. This has been an 18 month labor of love, to try and gather everything that I've gleaned from my own research, as well as my countless friends in Connect®, to try to make my meals as delicious as humanly possible while still keeping the same portion sizes. This cooking and food prep guide is meant to help inspire you to light a fire under your journey. It has everything from Low Point Italian Sausage, Chorizo and Breakfast Sausage recipes, to recipes for making Low Point REAL Ricotta Gnocchi and homemade cream cheese substitute. I walk you through an extremely detailed step by step tutorial to show you how to master the Recipe Builder that we ALL have inside of the app. I also have pages and pages of ideas for how to swap out ingredients in your meals for healthier Low Point substitutions that will drastically cut how many daily Points you use and calories you consume. You will never have to struggle with your journey again if you follow the principles in this FREE guide.

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  • Awesomeness Level: 87 out of 10

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