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Chorizo Stuffed Peppers with Spicy Dip

Broiled Mini Bell Peppers, Stuffed With Chorizo.

Let me begin by stating, for the record, that these stuffed peppers are pretty much my crown jewel, which the good Lord himself will smile upon me favorably for someday. These babies are so good that the keyhole in the pearly gates is mostly likely in the shape of a mini pepper now. Though labor intensive (due to cleaning out the pepper's seeds) these are sooooooo amazingly worth the effort. Deliciously, slightly charred yet still firm mini bell peppers, filled with my low point & calorie Chorizo recipe, which can be found in the "seasoning guide" download, in the cooking guides section... fat free feta cheese instead of traditional mexican cheese (less points) and diced onions. They are amazing on their own, or even cold the next day. Seriously... these are freaking GREAT served cold. The recipe also has you make a spicy and creamy dip for them, out of fat free plain Greek yogurt, ground cumin, and a healthy dose of your favorite Mexican Hot Sauce... I preferred the "Chalula" Brand, because it's in pretty much every single Mexican restaurant out here. Did I mention...... the low point chorizo gets stretched SO FAR with this recipe, that you can have 8 of them for 0 points!?!??!?!?

The above linked, free file, is NOT found in the pages of my Low Point Cooking Guide, that you can download for free here on my website. This recipe is one of the first for the Appetizers section, for the upcoming second cookbook (and free download) that I'm working on. It will be filled to the brim with sauces, salad dressings, dips and gourmet, low point & calorie appetizers. This is appetizer #2 of AT LEAST 20.

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