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Garlic Mushrooms with Smoked Paprika

Have a Restaraunt Level Appetizer at home.

The Low Point Appetizer train keeps chugging along! This is my second entry for my upcoming Appetizer section. Taking my inspiration from Spanish style Tapas, I figured, what better way to follow up a platter full of Mussels, than a serving bowl full of Spanish mushrooms! These babies are savory, smoky, vibrant and luxurious. Yes, on their own, Mushrooms are 0 points, but the fun part is in trying to make them gour-freakin-met, while staying that way. This awesome App is sure to be a crowd pleaser for anyone that enjoys mushrooms.

The above linked, free file, is NOT found in the pages of my Low Point Cooking Guide, that you can download for free here on my website. This recipe is one of the first for the Appetizers section, for the upcoming second cookbook (and free download) that I'm working on. It will be filled to the brim with sauces, salad dressings, dips and gourmet, low point & calorie appetizers. This is appetizer #2 of AT LEAST 20.

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