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Tuscan Chicken Pasta with Vodka Sauce

Proof that you can have LEGIT pasta, in-system, for low points

*steps up onto his soap box, starts the patriotic background music*
My fellow WW'ers... for too long, we have been living in the shadow of dispair and loss when it comes to enjoying pasta. For too long, you have all been suffering at the hands of the evil zoodle empire and the diabolical and disgusting Konjac noodle abomination! Well today... today I bring low calorie carb salvation, in the form of a HUGE platter of gourmet, fresh pasta, that is loaded with homemade linguini, homemade low point and calorie Vodka Sauce, and filled with fresh basil, pan-charred yellow tomatoes and more satisfaction than you'd get in an entire screen full of smiling emojis.

Stick with me, and you'll never again have to endure being told "oh, you want pasta without using all your points? That's easy... just eat a tiny little portion and dip into your weeklies..." Forget that, I don't know about you, but if I wanted to feel like I was on a diet, I wouldn't have joined WW in the first place. Trust me, stepping way out of your comfort zone and trying to cook like this may seem intimidating... but in the long run, you will be 10x happier. You'll start to feel that YOU are in charge, not the food. You're manipulating the food... not that the food is manipulating you.

The above linked, free file, is NOT found in the pages of my Low Point Cooking Guide, that you can download for free here on my website. This recipe is one of the first for the Entrees - Pasta section, of the upcoming "Big Book o' Recipes" download/book, that I'm starting on, that will eventually be available for download.

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