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GFG Cookbook: Volume 3


Take THAT, COVID! Not even a Global Pandemic could stop me from finally finishing this baby. My newest Cookbook is focussed on food that will convert anybody to Healthier Food. This isn't chicken breasts with steamed broccoli, or rice cakes with powdered peanut butter. No, this is over 120 pages of huge, delicious, restaurant quality burgers and sandwiches. Everything from French Bistro Burgers, New Mexico roasted green chili, shrimp po'boy's, salmon burgers, healthy big mac's and more.

There's also just shy of 30 low calorie/fat/'Point', recipes for salad dressings, dips, spreads and sauces. From Chick-Fili-A sauce, to roasted garlic aioli, teriyaki sauce and even low point mustard beer spread for my Oktoberfest burger. Want side dishes? Yup, we got those too. Loaded Mac'n Cheese, Maple & Bacon baked beans, PERFECT baked potato wedges and more. I even toss in some desserts.

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This cookbook is a collection of low fat, low calorie, low point burgers, sandwiches, dressings, condiments, sauces, side dishes, salads and desserts. Included in this guide is everything you'll need, to make 29 different low point/calorie/fat dips and dressings. From asian chili sauce and roasted garlic mustard spread, to ketchup, thousand island dressing, and even a red onion and bacon jam. Recipes for 36 GOURMET low fat and calorie burgers and sandwiches, even a recipe for making your own burger buns... all designed to be as low in fat, calorie and points as possible, to help promote weight loss. You won't need to strip down your portion sizes if you eat with my recipes. These recipes are seriously like nothing you've seen in other similar cookbooks. Nobody works the cooking aspects of this system, to the mad scientist extent that I do.

Note, this is a low resolution download of my high resolution cookbook that is available for print on Amazon. However, this free download is the same exact book, with all the same content. PLEASE be kind and RESPECT WW. Do not go around posting links to my book's Amazon page, on Connect. You may mean well, but that's disrespectful to do to WW, and also violates the Connect terms of use. So... feel free to talk about the free download, share a link to this site (which does not violate policy), but don't post a link to Amazon in Connect. It violates the terms of use, and your post can be deleted, and you may get in trouble for it. Thank you very much and enjoy the free digital book :) I hope it helps.
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  • Printed Format: Softcover Book on Amazon
  • FREE Digital File Size: 138 megabytes
  • Pages: 128
  • Color Photos: 570
  • Awesomeness Level: 187 out of 10

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