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Cookbook: Volume 5

Gourmet, Healthy Asian Cuisine

This Cookbook / Cooking Guide, has everything that you need to learn how to make fancy, delicious, low calorie/fat & Point, Asian food. I wanted to go the opposite route of most of the popular ww-skinny food bloggers, and branch away from 'safe' Asian dishes. Rather than only having recipes for Panda Express copycat dishes... I wanted to REALLY dive into Asian cuisine. I spent nearly 10 months researching and learning to make dishes that reach all across Asian. I have included recipes from not only China... but Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and even a noodle dish that originated in Taiwan (Singapore Noodles). I wanted to show that through careful use of the recipe builder, as well as using creative ingredient swaps, you could make restaurant quality Asian food, at home... but much healthier. All recipes include not only the Point values, for multiple servings (on all 3 plans), but I also provide the nutritional macros, along with sodium, for every dish and condiment.

Once again, I want to reiterate this cookbook, like all my others, is a 100% FREE digital resource. My intention is for anyone in-system to be able to have/download and use it for free. There is absolutely no charge for the digital PDF. Purchasing a copy on Amazon is not a requirement. You are more than welcome to return and download any current or upcoming files in the future, for your own personal use in your journey. My site will never have any ads, banners, or product pushing-links. Enjoy your free trip through Asian.

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This cookbook is the culmination of 10 months of exhaustive research and cooking. At the beginning of this, I had never really made ANY Asian dishes before. I had to learn about new ingredients and how to use them, research different regional cuisines, test, test, and retest dishes... there were a lot of failures, but a lot of great knowledge came out of it as well. Ultimately, I ended up with ovver 60 low point Asian dips, condiments, appetizers (dim sum) and entrees. Rather than sticking solely to Panda Express copycat recipes... I went out of my way to get an extremely wide variety of Asian dishes, from the popular, to some more obscure dishes. I didn't want this book to simply look like it contained recipes from a Chinese fast food place. I wanted the dishes within it, to turn your kitchen into an Asian restaurant.

I include tons of detailed notes on every recipe, as well as multiple pages of explaining new and exotic ingredients. As with all of my cookbooks, I approach all of the notes and commentary as if I'm helping someone who is intimidated by being in the kitchen. I included step by step pictures... as long as my usual mix of information and banter, in every recipe. Though this cookbook is available on Amazon.. you are welcome to have this free digital copy, that I encourage you to save, print, download and share. No charge, no ads, no subscriptions.

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